「Social × Technology」
"I wish I had a cafe near my university" "If we had a nursery near my house" - Have you ever thought these wishes? This application allows you to share what you want on a map, and someone might turn your dream into reality. We came up with the idea because there is no good facilities in our hometown. We discussed how we can get what we want and how we can make the method useful for other people as well again and again; as a result, we develped iWant. This service can help people to share not only small personal opinion like cafe, but also big facilities, such as hospital. We assume that this application can be used by governments and companies which would like to develop their local society. (This work was a team project and I was in charge of design and a part of frontend.)
JPHACKS2016 Fukuoka area Best Award and advance to Award Day

Contest: JPHACKS2016 - Type: Web Application